Download Casual Games Free.

Casual games are online video games and available at no cost. The target audience is casual gamers. Casual games are not any specific type of game, but games in general that have mass appeal. Casual games have simple rules and are more of the onetime play type of game, which means there is no long term commitment to play and build points or ranking over time.

The casual games do not require any special gaming skills, although a lot of players who play the same casual games repeatedly often develop a strategy that works for them. Casual games are subject to time management and are intended to be played in short bursts of duration.

Casual games have been around since the early 1980’s and are characterized as portable games. Solitaire by Microsoft is considered to be the most successful of all casual games. The game is included in the Microsoft Windows package. Casual games began as computer versions of traditional games such as pinball, poker, checkers and chess, to name a few and players can download casual games for free.

Casual games moved online in the mid 1990’s at games sites such as Gamesville. The player must maintain an Internet connection to keep play going. Casual games soon included multiplayer games such as Bingo and trivia. Puzzles games include Match 3, Bejeweled and Collapse. Hidden object games include Hidden Expedition and Mystery Case Files. All game sites today allow players to download casual games free.

The games are typically played online and in a web browser, although casual games are becoming popular on mobile phones and game consoles. According to gaming experts, more than 70% of the casual gamers are female and older than the average video game player. The estimated number of computer users who play casual games tops about 200 million players per month.

The player can download casual games free from a number of web sites. The games are supported by advertising within the game or text ads placed on the game board. Some of the games are no cost to play, but can be downloaded for a fee to play offline.

The games include puzzle games that can be played with few keystrokes and can be played rather quickly. The development of “Flash” technology gave casual games a huge boost with the ability of incorporating per user LSO files to save game scores for a certain period of time.

The Internet is the source of games, as opposed to gaming software packages. It is easy to download casual games free, but it sometimes requires a no cost membership to a gaming site. The vast number of players playing casual games has been an incentive for game designers to develop easy to play games that can be accomplished in short duration of time. Successful and popular games are sometimes the subject of knock-off games that often diminish the popularity of the original game, especially if play is not the same. The popularity of a game is determined in part by casual games downloaded free.